How Long Do You Have to Wait to Exercise After Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery, no matter how minor it may seem, requires time to heal. Tooth extractions, dental implants, and reconstructive surgery all take their toll on your body, so taking the time to rest is crucial to regaining strength.

Exercise can help you build strength and is also good for your health, but it is important to take a break from your exercise routine while you heal, otherwise it may have a negative impact on your health.


While exercise is normally great for your body and your health, you should take a break from your routine while you heal. Going back to exercising too soon can lead to increased bleeding and pain. It can also have a reverse effect and slow the healing process. It may also lead to dry socket, a condition in which the blood clot becomes dislodged and exposes nerves and bone to food particles and bacteria, leading to an infection.


You should take it easy, especially during the first twenty-four hours. The more intensive the surgery, the longer you should wait. Resting allows your body to heal properly.


After the first day or so, you should start with low impact activities. Yoga, stretching and lifting light weights are an excellent way to get started. If you feel any pressure or pain, though, you should stop immediately. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that you aren’t fully healed yet.


After about the third day, for less involved procedures, you can begin to ease back into your exercise routine. Don’t push yourself too hard. Any pain and/or bleeding means you should stop. After five days you can go back to lifting heavier weights, but be wary of clenching your teeth.


While you’re healing, you may be recommended to eat soft or liquid foods. Usually, you are taking in less calories, which means less energy to burn. Strenuous exercise requires plenty of energy. If you plan to get back into exercising, make sure that you get plenty of calories from nutritious sources, which will also aid in your healing.

You may be anxious to get back to your normal routine, but you shouldn’t rush healing. Follow your surgeon’s instructions after surgery and you will be back to exercising in no time.

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