Best Foods to Have on Hand Following Implant Surgery

Best Foods to Have on Hand Following Implant Surgery

Just as with any other surgical procedure, eating good foods after oral surgery is essential to expedient and proper healing from getting dental implants. However, unlike other surgical procedures, you are a bit more limited in what you can eat, as your mouth will undoubtedly be sore. Here are some of the best foods you can have on hand at home after your implants are placed.


Fruits and vegetables are filled with all kinds of essential vitamins and minerals, as well as anti-inflammatory (and even anti-microbial) agents that can speed up the healing process, and help to stave off infection in the process.

However, because your mouth will be sore, how you eat them matters. Stay away from raw fruits and vegetables, unless they are naturally soft, such as bananas.

Hard, crunchy raw fruits and vegetables can upset the surgical site, leading to bleeding and significant pain. You can blend raw fruits and vegetables into flavorful smoothies, and reap all of their benefits. Or, cook these foods until they are soft. Steaming and roasting help to preserve the nutrients the best.


Dairy products contain calcium, which an essential component to bone health. Enjoy a variety of milk, softer cheeses, yogurt, milkshakes, ice cream and/or frozen yogurt. Don’t worry if you are lactose intolerant or vegan. There are plenty of other viable sources of calcium, such as fortified non-dairy milks.


Protein allows your body to rebuild itself, making it an important part of healing after implant surgery. And protein can be found in a wide array of foods. You can choose from lean meats that are easy to chew, such as chicken, fish (salmon, trout, tuna), scrambled eggs (into which you can incorporate cheese), or tofu.

Once healed, your implants will be strong and stable, and you will be able to go back to eating all of your favorite foods once again. Taking the time to watch what you eat when your implants are first placed is imperative for healing correctly.

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