Orthodontics is the art and science of straightening teeth and correcting bites. You no longer have to live with crowded teeth or a smile you are not proud of.

Dr. Gerhardt is a general dentist who can straighten your teeth at a financial saving over going to an Orthodontic Specialist.  After dental school, Dr. Gerhardt attended a 2-year, continuing education course in orthodontics sponsored by the Academy of Gp Orthodontics.  Dr. Gerhardt is also the founder of the Orthodontic Teaching Institute, which teaches dentists comprehensive orthodontics. He has been teaching orthodontics for over 20 years.


Braces are normally the best way to straighten your teeth and correct your bite. At Advanced Family Dentistry, we use one of these bracket systems.

Self-Ligating brackets
Self-Ligating brackets use a very light force when moving teeth, resulting in a more comfortable experience for the patient. This type of bracket is also able to finish an orthodontic case about 4 months faster than with traditional brackets, and can go up to 2 months without an adjustment. They also harbor less bacteria than traditional brackets, resulting in cleaner gums.

Ceramic (clear) brackets
If you do not want your braces to be so noticeable, ceramic brackets might be right for you.  Tooth-colored wires are also available

Metal Brackets Smiling

Metal Retainers

Spark Clear Aligners

Clear aligners to straighten teeth. Clear aligners are removable and almost invisible.   
Clear aligners are:

  • The latest in aligner technology
  • More comfortable than traditional braces
  • Can be taken out to eat or brush
  • Results are normally not as good as braces

Scanners and 3D dental printers

  • No more gooey impressions! Dental scanners are available at our office
  • Can be used to make superior fitting clear retainers
  • Can make clear aligners for minor tooth movement at a cost savings over lab made aligners