Improving Your Smile Through Alignment Correction

If you are struggling with your smile due to misalignment, take some time to speak with a trusted oral health professional. Through a form of treatment known as orthodontics, you can achieve a more attractive smile by gradually shifting the location of your teeth. In addition to the cosmetic benefits of orthodontic treatment, this process also helps you to keep your smile safe!

With our team at Advanced Family Dentistry & Braces in Cedar Park, TX, you can take positive steps in achieving a more beautiful smile through orthodontic improvement. Our office proudly employs both traditional braces and innovative clear aligner therapy from Spark™, so reach out to our staff to set up your appointment and discover the advantages of a more aligned smile.

Traditional Orthodontic Treatment With Bracket-And-Wire Braces

When you think about alignment improvement, you probably envision braces. This method of orthodontic treatment utilizes a set of brackets that are connected by a system of wires. Over time, your braces will gradually adjust the location of your teeth, helping you to achieve a straighter and more evenly spaced smile.

At our office, we help you to have a more pleasant orthodontic experience through self-ligating brackets. With this approach, your brackets themselves will hold the housing for your wiring, giving you the opportunity to avoid the need for elastic or metal bands.

By connecting directly to your archwire, self-ligating brackets bring you multiple benefits during your orthodontic treatment. This method can be more comfortable, and these brackets can help you to achieve your smile goal in a shorter period. Talk to your dentist about all of the benefits of self-ligating brackets!

Read Dr. Gerhardt’s article on the Nustar Gen2’s Self Litigating Passive System, published in the Journal of the American Orthodontic Society!

Metal Brackets Smiling

Metal Retainers

Discover A Nearly-Invisible Solution With Spark™ Clear Aligner Therapy

In addition to traditional forms of orthodontic improvement, we also have an option that can help you to keep your treatment a little more private. With a Spark™ clear aligner solution, you can let your results do the talking!

With this method, you will receive a set of progressive trays that gently shift the location of your teeth along your oral ridge. These trays are almost invisible, giving you the chance to continue your daily life while your Spark™ aligners improve the quality of your smile.

Ask About Your Orthodontic Possibilities With Advanced Family Dentistry & Braces

Do you find that you hide your teeth when you speak or smile? If your alignment is holding you back, talk to our team of orthodontic experts about your options in reaching a more gorgeous and functional set of teeth. Learn more about your possibilities in orthodontic improvement with Advanced Family Dentistry & Braces. Speak with our team in Cedar Park, TX today at (512) 384-1951!