Partial Dentures

These removal restorations to replace several missing teeth. They are held in by attaching to remaining teeth


Acrylic Partial Dentures

Least expensive. These are made of acrylic with plastic teeth held in by wires bend around the remaining teeth (commonly known as flippers). These restorations are weak only meant for esthetics. They are not strong enough to eat with, so should be removed for eating.

Flexible Partial Dentures

Made of flexible plastic. These restorations are very durable, comfortable, esthetic, plus you can eat with them. They are a little more expensive than the acrylic partial dentures but well worth the extra money. Flexible plastics have revolutionized the partial denture market. Partial denture we normally recommend.

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Metal Partial Dentures

Made of a metal frame covered with gum colored acrylic and plastic teeth. These are very traditional. Problem is that when you smile you normally see the metal, plus they are more expensive than the flexible partial dentures

Full Denture

Only made if you are missing all your teeth. This is basically a suction cup with teeth. They move around when your eat or smile. You are very limited to what you can eat plus you have to take them out at night when you sleep. For better options, please see implants.