With Our National Education Program, You Can Save Up To $2500 On Braces Or Clear Aligners From Spark™!

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A new orthodontic class starts annually, so call us today to secure your spot!

Discover The Benefits Of Orthodontic Treatment

Have you been putting off your orthodontic treatment due to the cost? If so, there is an exciting opportunity for you to improve the look and health of your smile. Through participation in a continuing education course for orthodontists, you can receive braces or Spark™ clear aligner treatment at a fraction of the cost!

What Are My Steps In Treating My Smile?

When you decide to become a participant in this program, your first step will be to come into the office for an orthodontic screening. This is a free assessment of your smile to determine your needs and assess your candidacy. Both children and adults alike are welcome, so if you have been holding off on your orthodontic improvement, this can be a great way to help either you or your child.

By enrolling in this process, you can receive dedicated orthodontic treatment at a significantly discounted fee. This care is always overseen by experienced orthodontic instructors, and each dentist involved in the program is required to be fully licensed. We also accept most dental insurance, and payment plans are available to make your treatment more accessible.

Ortho Class Before | Advanced Family Dentistry | Dentist in Cedar Park TX

Before Braces

Ortho Class During | Advanced Family Dentistry | Dentist in Cedar Park TX

Braces On

Ortho Class After | Advanced Family Dentistry | Dentist in Cedar Park TX

Braces Off

Enhance Your Smile With Affordable Treatment

Dr. Gerhardt is proud to be an educator for the Academy of Gp Orthodontics, which sponsors these continuing education courses. Dentists from all over the country come to Austin for the opportunity to learn techniques and practices to take home to treat patients in their offices. The Academy was founded in 1987 specifically to help oral health professionals to expand their orthodontic offerings, and today, they hold classes across the United States and Canada.

The Academy of Gp Orthodontics is a recognized ADA CERP and Academy of General Dentistry PACE continuing dental education provider. Dr. Gerhardt has been teaching these courses at our facility for 23 years and has been practicing orthodontics since 1996!

How Do I Take Advantage Of This Opportunity?

If you would like to learn more about the advantages of our national education program, reach out to our team at Advanced Family Dentistry & Braces in Cedar Park, TX. Give us a call at (512) 384-1951 to start your journey toward a more attractive smile!

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