Damaged Tooth Needing Extraction? Don’t Wait!

Damaged Tooth Needing Extraction? Don’t Wait!

Many times people will have a tooth that is beyond repair and their dentist will recommend that they see an oral surgeon to have an extraction. Surprisingly, this is advice that many people think can, “wait until tomorrow.”

Tomorrow turns into next week, and next week easily turns into next month, and before you know it it’s been a whole year since you were supposed to have that tooth removed.

Ok, you get the point and many times it’s not that dramatic, but it really is very important that you schedule an appointment with us to have that tooth removed right away – here’s why.


When a tooth is recommended for removal, there is a reason. By postponing that extraction, a number of issues can arise, mostly having to do with your oral health.

Take wisdom teeth for example – they are usually removed as soon as they begin to erupt from the gums. If they aren’t taken out soon after they erupt they can cause a massive swift in the rest of your teeth. The results of this can be tooth crowding, a change in bite, and even increase the risk of infection.

Other cases are when teeth need to be removed because of infection or extreme decay. If the dentist can’t save the tooth through root canal or other tooth saving techniques, they will often recommend it be removed. If you let a severely decayed tooth stay in your mouth it can easily spread its decay to other teeth.


When you do have a tooth removed, it’s critical to have it replaced with a prosthesis or a dental implant to ensure your continued oral health as well as your comfort.

Fortunately tooth replacement is one of the most common procedures we perform (right along with tooth removal), so give us a call at (512) 643-6060 and contact us today!

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