Dental Implant Facts you Should Know

Dental Implant Facts you Should Know

Dental implants are quickly becoming the tooth replacement option of choice of most patients. Their ability to act like a real tooth and minimize the risk of bone loss is hard to surpass. If you are unaware of the benefits of dental implants, learn more below and then call us to see if you are a good candidate for this tooth replacement option!

  • Anyone can get dental implants regardless of their age. The only people that would not be a good candidate for an implant are those that are too young and their jawbone has not completely developed. Because the implant is surgically placed in the jawbone, you do not want the jawbone growing or shifting or the implant could be knocked out of place. Other than that restriction, however, anyone at any age can receive this tooth replacement option.
  • Dental implants naturally fuse with your jawbone – Even though we are putting a “screw” in your jaw, this will eventually become a natural part of your mouth as it fuses with your bone. This is because we use titanium screws which naturally integrate with your jawbone. This is the most natural solution for your tooth replacement.
  • The surgery takes place in three parts – Many people do not realize that the titanium screw that is implanted in your jawbone is not the entire implant. It is just the foundation for the future tooth. Once we place the implant, the jawbone and surrounding area needs time to heal. This is when the screw begins to fuse with your own body. Once the area is healed, we can place the abutment, which is the foundation for the subsequent tooth that will be placed, which can be either a denture or dental crown.
  • Dental implants stimulate jawbone growth – Because dental implants fuse with your jawbone, they help to keep it stimulated. This is the key for proper bone growth rather than bone loss. Any other tooth replacement option does not offer this stimulation to the bone area, which means that it can cause bone loss, resulting in a change in your facial structure and problems with your teeth shifting down the road.
  • Dental implants do not ruin surrounding teeth – Some patients wonder why they cannot just get a dental bridge rather than an implant. While a dental bridge is a good option, it does not stimulate the bone, resulting in bone loss and it also ruins the two health teeth on either side of the bridge. These foundation teeth are ground down in order to be able to hold the bridge. This could mean that you are ruining two healthy teeth. The dental implant, on the other hand, stands on its own, leaving your healthy teeth alone.

Dental implants have many benefits that patients are just starting to realize. The procedure might sound invasive or intense because it takes place over a series of months, but that is just because of the length of time that is necessary for proper healing. The procedures themselves take a short amount of time.

Once the area is healed and the tooth is placed, as long as you practice proper oral hygiene, you will not have any future problems or have a need to visit us for maintenance. Proper cleaning at home as well as at the dental office can help to keep your dental implants in great condition for the rest of your life, giving you a healthy smile for many years to come!

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