Do You Understand What Happens During Endodontic Surgery?

Do You Understand What Happens During Endodontic Surgery?

Endodontic surgery is normally carried out in an attempt to try and save a tooth that may otherwise need a root canal. It can also be used as a form of diagnosis.

If, for example, persistent problems show no signs on an X-ray then this type of surgery may be necessary. It can also be used to save a tooth if it continues to become infected and fails to heal months after treatment.


An endodontic procedure usually starts with a procedure known as an apicoectomy. This involves us opening the gum tissue at the base of the tooth. Here, we will see the underlying bone and remove any tissue that happens to be infected. The end of the root is also removed. To seal up the end of the root canal, a filling will then replace the end of the root. Stitches will then be given to the gingiva or gums to seal it all up.


Endodontic surgery can come in a range of other forms. Often, this depends on the kind of problems that a person is having to begin with. Some of the procedures can include us dividing a tooth in half and repairing the root if it happens to have been injured.

Of course, one of the biggest questions that a lot of patients ask us is whether it hurts. Local anaesthetics are used and this makes the entire procedure quite comfortable. Swelling during healing is probably the most discomfort that a lot of our patients tend to experience.

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