Do Your Teeth Cause Pain in Your Ears?

Do Your Teeth Cause Pain in Your Ears?

Sometimes it seems that the strangest things in the human body are connected. Many people may not consider that a pain in their ears, for example, could actually have its origins in another part of the body.

When it comes to ear pain specifically, many people will tend to go straight to the ear doctor to find out what the problem is. However, you may want to consider coming to us if you have persistent ear pain that doesn’t seem to go away.


Ear pain can have a lot of causes. In many case, those who suffer from such aural pain will assume that it is the sign of an infection. This could very well be the case however it is not always so. The TMJ (abbreviation for temporomandibular joint, which also holds a full set of teeth) can also be the cause of certain types of ear pain.

The TMJ is a particularly versatile joint and can therefore be prone to damage, stress and trauma which ends up causing a “clicking” sound and pain which can spread.

Pain from TMJ disorder can be characterized as dull and ongoing. In some cases, the pain can also be intensely sharp. For some people, minor spasms in the muscles are also known to occur. Why does this cause pain in the ears to begin with?

The reason is that tissue from the jaw also covers the ears, so there are nerves that will allow the pain to travel to that area. In most cases, you are likely to experience the clicking sound in conjunction with a sore ear.

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