How Soon does a Knocked out Tooth Need to be Replaced?

A knocked out tooth needs to be replaced quickly, but how quickly? This is one of the most urgent dental emergencies that can arise as time is of the essence. If you are unable to get to the office and be seen in less than one hour, chances are the ability to replant the existing tooth is gone.

This does not mean that there are no replacement options, as we have plenty; however, you will need to wait for the area to heal in order to replace the tooth.


It might seem like an oxymoron to tell a person to stay calm when either their tooth or a child’s tooth is knocked out, but that is the only way to ensure cooperative action. There will be a lot of blood when the tooth is knocked out and the tooth needs to be found. How you handle the tooth is also of utmost concern; touching the roots can make the tooth die. Instead, you should grab it by the crown and keep the roots moist. Dealing with these circumstances is enough to make anyone panic, but finding your calm is essential in order to take the necessary steps including controlling the bleeding by rinsing the mouth and applying a cold compress to the area, finding the tooth and storing it appropriately and calling the office for an emergency appointment.

Time is one thing you do not have on your side in the event of a knocked out tooth; act fast and we will do our part in helping you save your natural tooth.

If you have a knocked out tooth please contact us for more information on how to save your tooth.

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