How Tooth Loss Can Impact Your Oral Health

How Tooth Loss Can Impact Your Oral Health

Many people are under the impression that tooth loss will simply affect the appearance of their smile. However, losing teeth can actually affect your overall oral health and a variety of other issues, so it is important to replace missing teeth whenever possible.


Did you know that if you are missing teeth, your other teeth can actually be damaged as a result? This is because the remaining teeth could shift to fill in some of the empty spaces that have been left behind. These teeth may need to tolerate extra force and can suffer additional wear on the chewing surfaces. Additionally, when the teeth shift into undesirable positions, you may require other treatments in order to restore their original placement.


Another major consequence of tooth loss on your oral health is jawbone erosion. When there isn’t a root in place to act as an anchor, the bone will wear away. This is because the tooth stimulates the bone and bone growth through simple activities like chewing. When this attachment is gone, the bone will not be stimulated, and it will eventually begin to erode.


In addition to these issues with your oral health, there are many other problems associated with tooth loss:

  • Nutrition problems, as you may need to avoid certain foods because of problems with chewing and biting.
  • Problems with confidence and anxiety, including issues with going out in public because of potential embarrassment.
  • Loss of space for the adult teeth when the baby teeth fall out prematurely.
  • Speech and articulation problems.
  • Problems with stiffening of the jaws.

When considering all the issues that can result from tooth loss, it is easy to see why finding a tooth replacement solution is a necessity to improve your health and quality of life.

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