Most common sleep apnea symptoms that oral surgeons regularly see

Most common sleep apnea symptoms that oral surgeons regularly see

Sleep apnea affects more than 18 million people throughout the country. This is becoming a common problem, with even more people not being diagnosed with the issue. Symptoms vary from patient to patient, but a lot of the same people come in with the same type of symptoms.

Our oral surgeons regularly see sleep apnea patients that have a number of problems. Being aware of the issues can help the person get diagnosed and have better sleep at night through the available treatment options.


It is important to consider these common symptoms. If you’re experiencing a few or more of them, you may be suffering from sleep apnea.

  • Excessive daytime drowsiness or sleepiness
  • Nightmares
  • Episodes of no breathing during sleep
  • Insomnia
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Loud breathing or snoring while sleeping
  • Breathing through the mouth leading to dry mouth
  • Mood swings and irritability
  • Depression
  • Fatigue and headaches

While, not everyone is the same, many of these common symptoms are seen in almost everyone that has the condition. Treatment plans are available for those suffering from it. This allows the person to have a more restful night of sleep, reduce the sleep deprivation they’re going through and also have enough energy to make it through the day.


Speak with one of our professionals today about sleep apnea. It is quite possible that you can obtain the help you need so you can rest easier. Let go of your fears about not being able to get enough sleep.

Sometimes, it may take a few treatments tries to find something that works, but with our help, you can identify the problem and try something so that you’re back to working order once again.

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