Reasons you Need that Impacted Wisdom Tooth Removed

Reasons you Need that Impacted Wisdom Tooth Removed

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause pain, which would be an obvious reason to remove it. But there are many other reasons that we end up removing this tooth that really does not serve a purpose in your mouth. If you need your wisdom teeth removed, do not worry about the structure of your other teeth, generally you are better off without them at all because they can cause more problems than they are worth.

  • Impacted teeth can easily keep food trapped in them. This can mean that you are at risk for decay or infection, especially when the area is hard to reach with a toothbrush.
  • Trapped food in the impacted tooth or even bacteria means an increased risk for periodontal disease, which puts the integrity of your oral health at risk.
  • Impacted teeth can cause damage to the surrounding teeth, especially if they are partially erupted. This can have a domino effect in your mouth, giving you more problems in your mouth.
  • Sometimes cysts can form around the impacted tooth, which can be painful and put you at risk for other issues.

Wisdom tooth removal is performed on a daily basis and is rather routine. You will need to rest for a few days and have to deal with a bit of pain and swelling, but the long-term effects of removing your impacted wisdom tooth will be well worth the effort!

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