Seeing Your Oral Surgeon Following Facial Trauma

Seeing Your Oral Surgeon Following Facial Trauma

When you suffer from facial trauma, you may only think about going to see your doctor. Unfortunately, that may not be the best option for you. Many times, oral surgeons are the better candidate to go in and see when you have facial trauma.

They are head specialists when it includes the face, mouth, neck, teeth, and throat. If any of those areas of your body were affected during your trauma, then you should be going in to see an oral surgeon.


An oral surgeon can help you when you are hurt. They can help stitch back tissues that were hurt or torn, they can rebuild bones that were broken, and they can even help replace teeth that may have been injured. They know how to help control swelling and pain in the face and mouth, and they can also help you control bleeding and pain.

They can take a quick look at your mouth and tell you what type of treatment options you have to restore your facial features back to where they should be or back to their original functionality.

It is important you bring along any documentation you may have from other doctors about your trauma so that your oral surgeon can blend their expertise with anything that has already happened in the course of your treatment.

Oral surgeons are specialists who know how to help when your mouth or surrounding tissues get hurt. Turn to them for their expertise if you get into some type of an accident.

Let them see what is going on, help you regain control over what is going on, then let them help you find the perfect type of treatment to help you. They can be trusted, and should be your first call following any type of injury to your face.

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