Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Examined?

Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Examined?

You may be wondering if you really need to have your wisdom teeth removed, especially if they do not hurt or have not emerged.

What harm could an extra set of teeth do? While they may not bother you now, leaving wisdom teeth unchecked could result in dental health problems in the future.


An impacted wisdom tooth occurs when the tooth is unable to push through the gum tissue, and this condition can only be viewed using an x-ray. According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS), “9 out of 10 people have at least one impacted wisdom tooth.”

Although common, some people may not realize they have an impacted wisdom tooth if they do not experience pain or other symptoms. However, if left alone, an impacted tooth can result in more than just pain, potentially causing damage to the surround tissue and teeth, infections, or cysts.


Pericoronitis is another condition that can occur when the wisdom tooth develops. The tooth emerges with only part of the tooth pushing out from the gum tissue. This makes the tooth difficult to clean as food particles can easily be trapped underneath the gum flap. Until extracted, the area around the wisdom tooth can be especially prone to infection.


Wisdom teeth that emerge completely still can cause problems such as overcrowding, but if the emerged teeth and surrounding tissue are healthy, they may not have to be extracted.

If your wisdom teeth do push through the gums successfully, it is important to maintain a good oral hygiene routine and have your teeth professionally cleaned to keep your new teeth healthy. Your dentist can continue to evaluate the health of your wisdom teeth to make sure they do not cause any problems later on.

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