The Dangers to Dental Implants When You Smoke

The Dangers to Dental Implants When You Smoke

Extensive research has been conducted to determine the effects of smoking on patients who have had permanent dental implants. All the research seems to agree that one of the predominant causes of long-term failure is smoking.

The success rate of dental implants has been well established over the last several years and the medical community and patients alike agree. Much of that success is dependent as much on after care by the dentist and patient as it does on the procedure itself. However, smokers can directly affect the success of their implants positively or negatively.

According to a number of known specialists doing research, it is plain that smoking patients have a higher risk of severe periodontal disease in their mouth before the need for implants. It is often the leading reason for a loss of teeth and the need to explore the need for dental implants put in place.

The National Institute of Health cites that smokers are apt to suffer more than twice the number of implant failures as non-smokers. It stands to reason that the combination of tar and nicotine have an adverse effect on the implants and contribute to potential failure. The adverse effects of smoking to the whole healing process and chance of infection is increased. That is bound to interrupt a solid bond between the new implanted root and the jaw bone. That failure seems to be even more frequent in dental implants in the upper jaw, maxillary.

Smoking also increases the chances of failure rate when implants placed in grafted maxillary sinuses by double compared to non-smokers.

Smoking increases the complications that can arise in the healing process after the implants are inserted into the jaw. Bone loss can be significantly higher in smokers.

It is highly recommended that patients smoking before getting the dental implants. It will greatly increase their chances of long-term success. But if not before, it is a compelling reason to stop smoking after the dental implants. Smoking and dental implants do not mix.

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