Visiting the Oral Surgeon after an Uncomplicated Crown Fracture

Visiting the Oral Surgeon after an Uncomplicated Crown Fracture

You’re playing a game of pick-up basketball and accidentally take an elbow to the side of your face. While you might not think that any harm was done, if you experience tooth pain in the days following the incident, something might be going on inside of your mouth. It is important to get treatment right away in order to increase the likelihood that your tooth can be saved.


In an uncomplicated fracture, the damage to the tooth is limited to just the crown. While the dentin is exposed, there is no pulp exposure – all good news for you.

If a piece of your tooth has broken off, the first thing that you should do is try to find the broken portion. Place it in distilled water or saline solution if available, and bring the piece to your dentist’s office with you. Keeping the tooth hydrated will help it to bond better to the tooth.

Once you get to the dentist’s office, you can expect that your dentist will take X-ray images of your teeth and will check out your mouth for damage to the soft tissue. He will also collect your tooth segment and will assess it and the prognosis for the rest of your tooth. If it is found that your tooth is still vital, he may be able to attach the broken segment with dental bonding.

If more damage was done to the tooth, a root canal might be needed, and a filling will seal off the hole. Then, your tooth will be topped with a dental crown that will restore it to its original structure and function.

Most importantly, if you experience any type of tooth fracture, make sure that you contact our dental office right away. The health of your tooth depends on it.

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