Ways to Reduce Implant Rejection

Ways to Reduce Implant Rejection

If you have suffered tooth loss, your dentist may suggest dental implants. These small, titanium rods are the latest in tooth replacement options, and hold numerous benefits over traditional dentures. The rods are implanted into your jawbone and support your false teeth.

In a successful procedure, the implants fuse to your jawbone and take over the role of the roots of your teeth. However, in some instances, implants may fail. Here are a few ways to reduce rejection.


Smoking is one of the biggest causes of implant rejection, especially immediately following surgery. It has several negative effects. First, it slows down the healing process. It limits blood flow, as well as decreases the amount of oxygen in your blood, which is essential to healing.

Slower healing increases your risk for developing infections. And, smoking can cause dry socket, a condition in which the clot becomes dislodged and exposes the bone to open air and bacteria. At the very least, you should quit smoking while you heal, but it would be best if you quit altogether.


Bruxism is a condition in which you grind and clench your teeth. Extra pressure on your teeth causes unnecessary and uneven wear as well as severe jaw pain. If you grind and clench with implants, you may jar them loose in their sockets, causing them to fail.

In order to prevent this, see your dentist about bruxism and a night mouth guard. You may also want to consider treating the cause of your bruxism – be it stress related or caused by a medical issue.


If you have diabetes, you are already at risk for slower healing. The more out of control your diabetes, the greater your risk for failure. Keeping your diabetes under control – monitoring your blood sugars, exercising and watching your diet – can help to increase your chances of implant success.

Implants are a great option for replacing teeth, but there are risks that can cause them to fail. Taking precautions while you heal will help to reduce these risks and help you to keep your brand-new, beautiful smile.

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