What Bumps Are Normal in Your Mouth?

What Bumps Are Normal in Your Mouth?

Your mouth is full of lumps and bumps. Many of them are totally normal, but some of them should get checked out. One of the more prominent signs of oral cancer is a lump or bump that will not go away. If this lump changes sizes, such as going up and back down again, or just continues to grow, you want to come in and get it checked.

It could simply be a cyst that needs draining, or it could be something worse. Here are some of the lumps you should expect, that really don’t need any type of monitoring unless they change in size and shape.


There are tiny bumps on the inside corners of your mouth that are normal. As are the tiny bumps that often appear on the outside of your lips. These are not harmful, and are normal for nearly everyone.

Bumps that appear when you lift up your tongue are often normal, as well. There are some next to the tongue that are little more than salivary glands that are there to keep your mouth moist.

There are also some very tiny lumps up between your upper cheeks and upper gums. You typically will not feel these, but some people can feel them when they slide their tongue around the outside of their upper jaw. These are also salivary glands, and should not be of any concern.

If you notice lumps that do cause you pain, grow, bleed, or have an odd shape to them, call our office. We will want to get you in and checked out as soon as possible. While most bumps of the mouth are totally normal or nothing to be overly concerned with, other bumps are things that we need to treat to keep you healthy.

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