What to Bring With You When Having Oral Surgery

Going in for oral surgery can be a scary and stressful experience. But making sure you have the right things with you can help make the process go smoothly. Here are just a few of the things you should have when you show up for your appointment.


While these items are already most likely in your wallet, you should have your driver’s license, or form of identification, and your dental insurance card.


Other pieces of paperwork you should have include your medical information.

  • Let the surgeon know about any medical conditions you are currently experiencing.
  • Write down a list of any medications you are taking. This includes prescription as well as over the counter medications, vitamins and herbal supplements. This list is important as some medications can interfere with surgery.
  • Have your referral from your general dentist.
  • You should also bring any X-rays, or sign permission for the surgeon to acquire copies from your dentist’s office.
  • You may also want to bring the name and number of a person whom you designate to make decisions on your behalf.


Dress comfortably, in loose fitting clothing, for your oral surgery. A short sleeved shirt is best, as it allows your vitals to be taken easily as well as any IVs to be administered without interference. These clothes should be some that you don’t mind if they accidentally get stained. Leave jewelry at home, as it will only need to be removed. Also for your comfort, you may want to bring lip balm, as your lips may dry out during your procedure.


If your procedure requires general anesthesia, and even if it doesn’t, you should bring someone with you who can drive you home. This is a good idea anyway, especially if you are nervous. After general anesthesia, you won’t be able to drive. Even with a local anesthetic, you may be in too much pain.

Making sure you have everything you need before you arrive at your surgical appointment is important to ensuring that it goes smoothly. When the surgery is over, be sure to follow your surgeon’s instructions to make sure you heal without complication.

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