Would Teeth in a Day Benefit Your Life?

Would Teeth in a Day Benefit Your Life?

There is a lot of hype out there talking about teeth in a day. Basically, this means you have any remaining teeth on either the top or bottom arch extracted, and implants placed directly in the socket the same day.

This lets you go home with full implants that take less time to heal and look great in just an hour or two. A lot of people think this would be the perfect answer, but it can also be a process that makes some people nervous. If you aren’t sure if you would benefit from this procedure, here is a better generalized look at the pros and cons.


Many patients respond well to the teeth in a day procedure. They go from a smile that was not healthy or embarrassing, to one that is healthy looking and oozes confidence. This procedure is quick, and normally can be completed in just an hour or two in the oral surgeon’s office. Most patients who get this procedure are able to resume normal function within the first day or so of having it done, too.

The downsides to having teeth in a day depend on the health of your mouth. If you already have gum disease, there is a chance that it can get worse following the procedure. Plus, teeth in a day are only able to restore a portion of normal functionality. While it looks great in next to no time, it doesn’t provide the same stability and function that traditional dental implants do.

If you want to give teeth in a day a try, talk to your oral surgeon. They will be able to let you know if your mouth is a good candidate for the procedure, and what it would take to make it happen.

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